Important Days In The World

 Date Day
 Mar. 8  Women's Day
 Mar. 21 Forest Day
 Mar 21(2'd Sun)  Mother's Day
 Mar. 23 Meteorological Day
 Apr. 5  National Maritime Day
 Apr. 7  Health Day
 Apr. 18 Heritage Day
 Apr. 22 Earth Day
 May 1  Workers' Day
 May 3 Press Freedom Day
 May. 8 Red Cross Day
 Mar. 14 Commonwealth Day
 May. 15 Family Day
 May. 17 Telecommunication Day
 May. 31 Anti - tobacco Day
 Jun. 5  Environment Day
 Jul 11 Population Day
 Sep. 8  World Literacy Day
 Sep. 16  Ozone Day
 Sep. 21  Alzheimer's Day
 Sep. 26  Day of the Deaf
 Sep. 27  Tourism Day
 Sep. 28  Heart Day
 Oct. 1  International day of the Elderly
 Oct. 3  Habitat Day
 Oct. 4  Animal Welfare Day
 Oct. 8  Elders' Day
 Oct. 9  Post Office Day
 Oct. 13 Natural Disaster Reduction
 Oct. 14  Standards Day
 Oct. 16  Food Day
 Oct. 15  White Cane Day
 Oct. 24  UN Day, World development information Day
 Oct. 30  Thrift Day
 Aug. 1st Sunday Friendship Day
 Aug. 6 Hiroshima Day
 Aug. 9  Nagasaki Day
 Nov 14 Diabetes Day
 Nov. 20  Africa Industrialization Day
 Nov. 29  International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People
 Dec. 1  AIDS Day
 Dec. 3 Disabled Day
 Dec. 10  Human Rights Day

Old & New Names
 Banjul  Bathurst Kinshasa Leopoldville
 Beijing  Peking Lesotho Basutoland
 Belize  British Honduras Malawi Nyasaland
 Benin  Dahomey Myanmar Burma
 Botswana  Bechuanaland Namibia South West Africa
 Burkina Faso  Upper Volta Sri Lanka Ceylon
 Ethiopia  Abyssinia Suriname Dutch Guyana
 Ghana  Gold Coast Taiwan Formosa
 Guyana  British Guiana Thailand Siam
 Harare  Salisbury Yangon Rangoon
 Iran Persia Zaire Congo
 Iraq Mesopotamia Zambia Northern Rhodesia
 Cote d'Ivoire Ivory Coast Zimbabwe Southem Rhodesia

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