Largest, Longest, Highest, Biggest, Tallest In The World

 Airport, Largest King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
 Highest Leh Airport, Ladakh (India)
 Animal, Tallest Giraffe (Average height 6.09 m)
 Largest & heaviest Blue Whale (190 tonnes)
 Longest recorded Boot lace worm (55 m)
 Fastest over short distance (-548.4 m)  Cheetah (96- 101 km/hr)
 Largest (in terms of branches / outlets)  State Bank of India (12,664 branches as on 1.1.93)
 Greatest (in terms of assets) Dal !chi Kangyo Bank Ltd., Japan ($ 427.1 billion on 31.3.93)
 Bridge, Highest Over Royal Gorge of the Arkansas river in Colorado, USA (1053 ft. above water)
 Road (longest) Gandhi Setu across the river Ganga at Patna (India : 5.5 km)
 Railway / Road (longest) Seto - Ohashi bridge (Japan)
 Building Structure, Highest C.N. Tower, Toronto (Canada - 553.34 m)
 Canal, Big ship (longest) Suez Canal (161.9 km)
 Busiest Kiel Canal (North Sea)
 Church, Largest Basilica of St. Peter (Vatican City, Rome - Area 23000 m)
 Cinema House running, Largest Radio City Music Hall, New York (USA: 5874seats)
 City, Largest in population Mexico City (2 crore)
 Largest in area  Mount lsa, Queensland (Australia) (Area : 41225)
 Continent, Largest  Eurasian landmass (Area : 53698000 km2)
 Smallest Australia mainland (Area : 7618493 km2 )
 Coral formation, Largest The Great Barrier Reef, Australia (Area : 207000 km2)
 Country, Largest in population China (Over 116.58 crore)
 Largest in area Russia (17,075,400 sq. km)
 With largest electorate India (Over 52 crore)
 Smallest independent State Vatican City (109 acre)
 With most land frontiers China (16)
 Dam, Largest (concrete) Grand Coulee Dam (1272 m on Cloumbia river), (Washington State, USA)
 Highest Nurek Dam (Tajikistan - 300m)
 Day, Longest June 21 (North Hemisphere)
 Shortest Dec. 22 (North Hemisphere)
 Delta, Largest  Ganga - Brahamputra (75,000 km2)
 Desert, Largest Sahara (N. Africa; max. length 5,150 km, EW; max. width 3,200 km NS)
 Diamond, Largest  The Cullinan (3106 carats)
 Dome, Largest  Louisiana Superdorne (Now Orleans; USA; dia. 207.26 m)
 Estuary, Largest  Ob, north Russia
 Epic, Longest Mahabharta
 Fish, Largest (fresh water) Plabeuk (China, Laos and Thailand)
 Most abundant  Bristle mouth
 Most venomous  Stone fish (Indo-Pacific waters)
 Most electric Electrical Eeel (rivers of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru)
 Film, Longest  Die Zweite Heimat (Germany : 25 hrs. 32 min.)
 Most oscars  Ben Hur (1959) (11 Oscars)
 Fountain, Tallest  at Fountain Hills, Arizona (length of column 171.2 m)
 Flower, Smallest  Platystele jungermannoides (Central America : 1 mm)
 Fruit, Most nutritive Avocado (Vit. A, C, E & proteins) (Central & South America)
 Least nutritive  Cucumber
 Goldmine, Largest in area East Rand Proprietary mines, (Transvaal, S. Africa -4900 hc)
 Gulf, Largest Gulf of Mexico (1,544,000 sq. km)
 Hotel, Largest (most rooms) Hotel Rossiya, Moscow (Russia) (12 storey; 3,200 rooms)
 Island, Biggest Greenland (Kalaatdlit Nunnat), (Area : 2,175,000 sq. km.)
 Intelligence Quotient, Highest Japannse ( at least 10% has an IQ 130)
 Lake, Largest Caspian Sea (Area :37.18 lakh sq. km)
 Deepest Baikal (Siberia)
 Largest (fresh water)  Lake Superior (US - Canada border) (Area : 82,350 sq. km.)
 Largest (underground)  Drachenhauchloch, Namibia (66 meter underground)
 Library, Biggest United States Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
  (founded in 1800, contains 101 million items)
 Biggest (non - statutory) New 'fork Public Library
 Mountain, Highest peak Mt. Everest, Nepal (8863 m)
 Highest range Himalayas, Asia (upto 4200 m)
 Greatest land mountain range  Himalaya - Karakoram (96 out of 109 peaks over 7315 m)
 Museum, Largest  American Museum of Natural History, New York
 Ocean, Largest & deepest The Pacific (Area :16.6 crore km2, depth : 10916 m)
 Oscars, Maximum awards Walter Elias Disney
 Peninsula, Largest  Arabia (3.25 million sq. km.)
 Park, Largest National Park of North Eastern, Greenland ( 972000 sq. km.)
 Places, Coldest (annual mean) Polus Nedostupnosti (Antarctica : -58°C)
 Driest (annual mean) Desierto de Atacame (near Calama, Chile) (rainfall - nil)
 Hottest (annual mean) Dallol (Ethiopia ; 34.4°C)
 Rainiest (annual mean) Mawsynram, Meghalaya (India; 11873 mm)
 Windiest The Commonwealth Bay gales (reach upto 320 km/h)
 Planet, Biggest Jupiter (equatorial dia. 142984 km)
 Brightest, hottest & nearest to earth  Venus
 Farthest from sun, smallest & coldest  Pluto
 Nearest to sun Mercury
 Most satellites  Saturn (18)
 Plateau, Highest  Tibetan Plateau (Central Asia : 4900 m)
 Platform, Longest (rail) Kharagpur, West Bengal (India : 833 m)
 Railway Line, Longest Trans -Siberian Railway (Moscow - Nakhodka : 9438 km)
 Railway Station, Largest Grand Central Terminal, New York City (19 hectare)
 Highest Condor, Bolivia (4786 m)
 Rivers, Longest  Amazon (6750 km) & Nile (6670 km)
 Road, Highest  Kang-ti-Suu, Tibet (6080 m)
 Longest Pan American Highway (from Alaska to Brasilia : 24140 km)
 Sea, Largest South China Sea (2,974600 sq. km)
 Largest (inland) Mediterranean
 Seaport, largest & busiest Port of New York & New Jersey (USA)
 Stadium, Largest  Strahov stadium, Prague (Czech. Rep.)(capacity : 240.000)
 Star, Brightest  Sirius A (also called Dog Star)
 Statue, Tallest Buddha's statue (120 m Tokyo, Japan)
 Swimming Course, Longest recognised  English Channel
 Sentence Served, Longest By Paul Geidel (68 years & 8 months)
 Telescope, Largest (radio) US National Science Foundation VLA (Very Large Array)
 Largest (solar)  Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona (USA)
 Largest refractor  At Yerkes observatory, Wisconsin (USA) (18.9 m)
 Temple, Largest  Angkor Wat, Cambodia (402 acres)
 Tower, Tallest  C.N. Tower, Canada (553.34 m)
 Train, Fastest French SNCF high speed TVG (Average speed 320 km/hr)
 Tunnel, Longest (railway) Seikan Rail Tunnel, Japan (53.85 km)
 Largest (road) St. Gotthard Road Tunnel, Switzerland (16.32 km)
 University, Biggest State University of New York, USA (404065 students in 1992)
 Volcano, Greatest concentration in  Indonesia
 Highest (extinct)  Cerro Aconcagua (6960 m ; Andes)
 Highest (dormant)  Volcan Llullaillaco (6723 m; Argentina-Chile)
 Highest (active)  Ojos del Salado (Chile - Argentina)
 Wall, Longest Great Wall of China (main 3460 km; branches 2860 km long)
 Waterfall, Highest  Salto-Angel, Venezuela (branch of river Carrao, depth 979 m.)
 Widest Khone Falls, Laos; (width 10.8 km)
 Largest Guaira (Brazil-Paraguay) (on the Alto Parana river)
 Zoo, Largest Etosha Reserve. Namibia (Area : 10 million hectare aoorox.)
 Idol of Godess Durga  Tallest Idol in India (26 feet cost 3 crore in Vashi Mumbai)
 Highest Dam in India Tehri dam(261mr)

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