What are Bluetooth Trackers?

The rise of Bluetooth Low Energy (known as BLE or Bluetooth 4.0) really opened up the door to what could be done with Bluetooth devices.

Now instead of just the old staples (like Bluetooth headsets, speakers, and computer peripherals) manufacturers can pack Bluetooth into tiny devices that can survive off a small battery for upwards of a year without a battery swap or recharge.

One of those applications is tiny Bluetooth trackers wherein you can attach small tags to your keys, purse, or insert them into gear containers, instrument cases, or other objects you wish to keep track of (and not be separated from). The tags are linked to your smartphone (and potentially to a tracking service hosted by the manufacturer) via BLE between you and your stuff.


The BLE device can be attached with the objects we tend to forget, like key-chains, TV remote, purses, etc. BLE attached objects can be located through the dedicated application installed in the smart phone with which the BLE device is paired. Other way round one can locate the paired smart phone with the BLE device.


Easy remote control for phone camera to take selfies, group pictures, stealth photography. Just press the button on the paired BLE device the smart phone camera will take the picture.


Just one press of a button on the BLE device will quietly send emergency alert (SOS) through paired mobile phone without touching the phone. An excellent device for people in distress.

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Dromos BLE device and phone gives audible alert incase pairing breaks.

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